Made with all-natural ingredients, Kure’s Ginger Beer is a one of a kind premium mixer and soda.

Created in Loveland, CO in 2017 from the vision of Kure’s Craft Beverage Co. founder, John Kure. Kure’s Ginger Beer was originally created in John’s Kitchen until he realized he could create a ginger beer that was not only delicious in spice but use real ingredients. 




About Kure's Ginger Beer

The dog, Bailey was John’s family dog growing up; when John and his family went to pick Bailey up she was the last puppy left from the litter. The saying "they save the best for last" is true because she was the best! Bailey got the newspaper for the Kure’s every morning, knew lots of tricks and loved to go on vacation to Florida. They would take Bailey on boat rides to the sandbar and she would always have to be the first one off the boat, so she could look for fish all day (we don't know what she would have done if she ever caught one). There will never be another Bailey!

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People always ask where they can find Kure's Ginger Beer. We are available throughout Colorado and the northern half of Illinois. Check out our Where To Find page for a map of our accounts!